Smith & Wesson Engraved Pistol

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Smith & Wesson 500


With a powerful handgun like this, its a must to be able to draw this handgun quickly. In any holster on the market today, it will be hard to draw this handgun fast without escalating the risk factor of a withdraw.

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Glock Firearm Holster

Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, Security Personnel & Citizens with handguns, I believe your dreams have come true. In research of the handgun holster that can add time to the draw of the handgun instead of making up time as found in all traditional handgun holsters, I found a company called “Alpha Armor”. They somehow came up with a way of drawing your handgun in a forward motion while incorporating a retention device at the same time. If that is true, can you imagine how fast you can draw a handgun?

Fast Draw Retention Handgun Holster

To all gun lovers, I found a company called Alpha Armor, who specialize in fast draw retention handgun holsters. Alpha Armor provides a holster that has a retention device located between the user and the holster. Alpha Armor has also provided a holster that a handgun can be drawn in a forward motion unlike traditional handgun holster that require the user to withdraw the handgun or pull the handgun out of the holster.

By eliminating the withdraw or pulling motion of the handgun from the holster found in all traditional handgun holsters, Alpha Armor has added time to the user by means of having the handgun drawn in a forward motion. Other handgun manufactures that have a retention device are normally located in front of the handgun holster or on the outer side of the holster which any person on the other side of the draw can tell your actions. Handgun manufactures in the world now use telegraphing in withdrawing the handgun from the holster. Telegraphing means, something that they are planning or intending to do, they make it obvious, either deliberately or accidentally, that they are going to do it.  Alpha Armor is the only handgun holster manufacture in the world that has eliminated the telegraphing portion of drawing the handgun.

Alpha Armor handgun holster retention device is located between the user and the handgun holster. By Alpha Armor retention device location, the unauthorized access security level sky rockets.

I’ve contacted Alpha Armor and they are still in R&D phase but will have videos and pictures of this new handgun holster out on the internet soon. Me being a gun enthusiast and I’m sure you are too, I’m really excited for this new release. If you take a fast draw shooter who has been practicing to withdraw or pull the handgun from the holster for many years compared to Alpha Armor’s holster who’d be if not as fast if not faster being used from a person who has never drawn a handgun in their life. Now I’m no Rocket Scientist but Alpha Armor’s holster being able to be drawn in a forward motion and their retention device in located between the user and the holster makes any user of Alpha Armor the winner in any gun draw situation.

I will keep you informed.